“Revised” Mercedes ML interior

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Was it really worth it???
The top one is the “new and improved” one. Beside a new color, steering wheel and more wood on the glove box, I don’t really see the point of this.
I must say the current ML already had a very nice interior, so nothing was really needed.
I guess it will allow them to run commercials calling it “The New Mercedes ML”….

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  1. new seat stitching pattern too… … is the side mirror a different shape?

    tho not all-new or even ‘new’ imho,
    from the pix it does look nicer (partly because I dislike light dashtops and the reflections they cause)
    they sure are making steeringwheel airbag holders small these days…

  2. “Nothing wrong with adding a few nice details to an already strong design.”


    This is a fantastic vehicle…

  3. hey nowyou cant make judgements on it just by the pictures. perhaps mercedes did what it was supposed to and put higher quality materials in there. that was the worst thing about the “old” ml

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