Saab 9-X Concept

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They would like us to think about this as a preview for the upcoming small Saab 9-1.

I don’t think so.
It would be pretty amazing to have this design as a C30 competitor. But I really don’t think GM/Saab will have the guts to put this into production the way it is. Or even close to that.
This looks to me like a pure concept only, with a few cues here and there of what the production model will be like.

I was expecting something mre realistic. Like the 9-4 X….

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  1. beautiful. too bad Vince will probably be right about how much will make production. i’d be happy if the vertical hatch did…

  2. although it may seem realistic, new production methods have allowed manufacturers to create shapes never seen on production cars before.

    so while this concept looks a little radical, it is all legal and possible (except for the rearview mirrors, right now they would have to be the convntional type). but on all the spy shots/concept sketches i’ve seen of the car, there is always that amc gremlin-like c pillar. the interior looks too much like a new civic

  3. Love it! Sign me up if it does turn out like that! I have to say I have more faith in GM than Ford when translating concept to production model (Ford screwed up the Lincoln MKZ/Zephyr, Ford Fairlane/Flex and Jag XF quite badly).

  4. hmmm…. I think if the car had more of a slope towards the back and was a bit shorter in length, there might be more of an appeal.

  5. That instrument panel SCREAMS Honda Civic…

    Yep, the dash design is a Civic ripoff. And what a poor design to copy. Love the exterior, though, even with one of the largest blind spots in the C-pillar.

  6. Well I would think this is more concept as Saab will be introducing the 9-4X and 9-5 first and then the 9-1.. Somewhat busy times for Saab, which is about time for GM.

  7. Well most of the GM concept cars latelly have been really close to the production model. Including the CTS coupe, 9-4x and Proveq. With Lutz pulling the strings, it could be really close. This would give Mini a run. Don’t forget the Saab 9-5 replacement out next year !.

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