Scion Hako concept

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I guess this might be an actual preview of the Tc replacement.
From this picture, the body panels look pretty production ready to me.

Let’s hope this one has a bit more style than the Tc.
A blocky coupe… We’ll see…

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  1. Scion should introduce something a little more practical than their rendition of the Transformers. I understand that the brand is youth oriented but most folks are usually older that buys these. Even if your 18 years of age, your going to get old anyway. so why not drive something that ages gracefully instead of the
    here and now design, as seen with this design.

    For some strange reason, Nissan has been kind of successful with their current Cube, since it is kind of timeless, maybe Toyota should learn.

  2. Just from that one pic, it looks like ‘transformer’ figure … and oooh, are those LED headlights? that would be the first on a sub $20k car!!!

  3. Hako means “box” in Japanese if that is any indication…the tC was the best looking one. Hopefully they don’t ruin it like the other two…

  4. I’m thinking they’re being tricky and that’s actually the back of the car. I’m betting it has a sloped 350Z-like rear end. You can have red LEDs that are clear when not turned on.

  5. No doubt it’ll be overweight, over-priced, not efficient enough and as big a bomb as Scion’s new models.

  6. Looks really cheap and plasticy like a tupperware container on steroids. Daewoo has really outdone themselves this time. Does it come in clear plastic too?

  7. Is this the front end or the back end? Judging from the lights, it seems more likely to be the rear end…

  8. I’m thinking it is the proposed production version of the 2006 concept “Fuse” which was based on th tC platform. Kind of like a 2dr xB coupe.

  9. I think it is the rear.. look at what appears to be a red circular reflector at the bottom of the photo.. red is not legal for the front of a car!

  10. Scion’s new models have successfully replaced their ancestors. The xB has had double digit growth the past 4 months, the xD is now selling at the same level as the old xA. Only the tC, in its 4th year, is selling poorly, and therefore, here is the replacement. Consumers wanted the next gen Scions to be roomier and more powerful. People make it sound like the xB was turned into a Hummer. Look at your shoe. That’s about a foot long. That’s how much length was added to the new xB. Huge, right??? Appealing to youth does not mean you have to build slow, high mpg econoboxes. If that’s what youth want, they now have many options (including Toyota’s own Yaris). They get something diferent in Scion. This new teaser indicates further success for Scion.

  11. Small boxy vehicles that now get so so mileage due to horsepower increases that are absurd for a small platform deserve to be overlooked for more practical and sensible alternatives!

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