Scion Hako Concept

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I am actually torn on this one…

My first reaction was to throw up, a little.
But it is actually quite an original take on the squared off cubic car design.
So who knows…

I’m just not sure anyone is ready to see this yet as a Tc replacement.
But at least, it does look like nothing else.

Monstrocity or genius????

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  1. Hey ricer-boys, time to put down your game controllers and shut off the Wii, your ugly-ass piece of shit has arrived! BTW, is “hako” Japanese for “ugly”?

  2. well, in profile it kind of looks like its facing the wrong way…

    not quite my thing, but congratulations on a bold design from toyota. we hate on them enough for being too bland, i guess we can get angry when they go too far in the other direction. its hideous, but a for effort.

  3. I like the “A” pillar to roof treatment, and the way the dark windows rap around the back of the car, hiding the “B” and “C” pillars. I don’t care for the front end or the fender flares. This is too organic a design for this boxy car. I think they would do better to radius the edges similar to the top of the windshield and make the body panels more geometric in nature.

  4. Looks like Toyotas take on American Grafitti, done all nice and digitized for the youngsters of today.

  5. This is definately a monstrocity. There’s a reason why the current tC outsells Scions other offerings two to one. This thing must have been designed before the low sales numbers of the current xB.

  6. Throw up more than a little. If this wasn’t a Toyota, you would say how utterly attrocious this is. C’mon Vince, call it what it is.

  7. AAAAHH, another car design from the ‘NEW WARPED’ future! I sure hope it comes in a metalflake metallic purple paint like cars from the late 60’s had! What a POOR EXCUSE for a new so called modern design! Vince, don’t waste your vomit on this sick puppy!

  8. I agree with Vince. First few Hours.. I thought what a waste of sheetmetal…

    but after careful thought… who knows?
    It is NOT what I call a tC replacement, and if it is, they lost a customer for sure( guess the Astra 3 door is next).

    I wonder if this thing is meant to go up against the Cube, and the Dodge Hornet, when they hit these shores(in 09-10?).

    If they would fix the front end some, maybe slightly rake the windshield….
    at barely 12 ft, and 1-2 inches long… and 160HP(? they never mentioned this part)… it could fly, and still get 32-34MPG.

    Scion is going nuts: A-BAT concept, then this?
    Makes the Toyota(Scion?) A-BAT look futuristic, almost cool!
    Vince, your site’s great, but those of us with dial ups… takes 10 minutes(vs 1-2, like back in 2006) to download…Ugggh.
    It’s worth the wait, unless you only have 3 minutes to look around.
    take it easy.

  9. Vince…Why don’t you just poke me right square in the eye. Just take your finger, aim right for the pupil and “doink” right in there. It would be less painful. This P.O.S. makes the Aztec look like a work of art. Come on Scion, I’m dry heaving over here!

  10. It would be OK if it were a fantasy kustom kar with some ridiculous forced induction powerplant jammed beneath the bonnet. A concept for a viable production car it is not. It looks as aerodynamic as a barn and seems to have been inspired by the rotting model T Ford the barn houses. I mean retro styling has to stop somewhere. Other wise the next Scion will look like a horse…

  11. Ironically, this thing will win back all those who liked the first gen xB and got turned off by the new one…

  12. Looks like I finally found a replacement for my old 2 door Chryslar PT Cruiser! Daewoo makes some wonderful vehicles for Toyota, don’t they?

  13. I made a comment about the Ford Flex looking as if it had designed by a kid with set squares, but I had not yet scrolled down the page! I should have reserved it for this thing!

  14. HEY TOYOTA WAKEUP!!! Scion needs to offer a small SUV platform with more ground clearance than their current models to compete in the snowbelt regions of the U.S. and Canada! A 5 speed automatic and a instrument cluster in front of the driver would also help save this nameplate!

  15. Douchebag Jones may be on to something.

    It looks like a toy that came out of a Captain Crunch cereal box. I am sure it will sell to the jackass crowd though.

  16. Is Scion just a playtoy for Toyota CEO’s grandkids? I can’t imagine the designer was older than 6.

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