Seat Ibiza

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they still call it a concept, but that’s pretty much it.
Take out the weird blacked out front end and the big wheels and this should give you a better idea of the production car.
Not for us,VW still won’t import Seat or Skoda into the US.

On other related news, I hear Porsche is actually taking over VW (!) by raising their share of the company to over 50%.
I think this can’t be bad news. Anything to help VW.
Seems like Porsche is more into quality control, and that’s what VW needs to be concentrating on, right now.

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  1. The real name of this concept is Bocanegra, an old historic denomination in SEAT brand.
    The car for production based on this Bocanegra will named Ibiza.

    Excuse me for my poor english.

  2. This car looks amazing. Interesting lines and good proportions. I wish you could get cool small cars like this in NA.

  3. WOW! Looks great, even better than I thought it would. This car is supposed to save the ailing SEAT, and I think it will. And hey, if you really really want one, you can buy it in Mexico…

  4. There’s a lot going on this small car. Maybe too much. The massive air intakes and ridiculous wheels hint at serious performance but likely are a complete fraud.

    And what’s with the black mask, Zorro?

  5. looks great. side creases, rear light shapes and sharp front end all nice. looks really similar to mazda3 hatch…but a great design to copy. it looks like a better resolved car that uses the current SEAT design cues, unlike the Leon, etc. the current Ibiza looks ooooold.

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