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I know this will piss off a lot of Nissan fans.
I know the Nissan picture is a better picture too. And I although happen to expect the Nissan to be a better car to drive and own. And the interior is much more to my taste than the one in the Lincoln.

But still…..

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  1. but still what ?, c’mon vinny I can feel it now, here you come, your getting on board the Maxima train aren’t you?

  2. The lincoln is attempting to emulate a sales leader in the same class wich is the acura TL in this case. Similar headlamps, grille, and profile. The Maxima is doing the same thing, being that it competes directly with the USDM Accord/Inspire. Similar grille tail lamps and rake of the headlamps as the Accord (With Nissan style of course). Large corporations don’t care about random opinions of the looks of a vehicle, the’re watching the sales figures. That’s what lexus did with the SL class and Buick did with the RX350. It’s all about dollars and cents.

  3. I think there are some vague, passing similarities between these two designs (ie, the rear roof line, the area between the wheels / below the door handles, and the general stance of the cars). My feeling, though, is that you could put pictures of any number of other cars (ex: Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima) under the picture of the new Maxima and you’d see common design features. The new Maxima is a nice, elegant looking car. It is just not very distinctive (ie, unlike, say, the Cadillac CTS) nor does it add anything fundamentally new or innovative to the world of car design (ie, unlike, say, the original Audi 5000). Anyway, nice average looking cars can (and do) sell well … I’m sure this will too.

  4. Hey, what happened to all of those great looking cars of the future? It’s 2008 and all the redesigned models look like previous platforms from other companies! Have all the companies designers run out of ideas? When I first saw these new pictures Vince posted I thought it was a rehashed Pontiac! The future designs look like the past retired ones but they just cost more now!

  5. I know this will piss off a lot of Nissan fans.

    So what? You have a right to your opinion. Keep giving it, too. You have a good car website.

  6. Vince baby! this sucker was tuned side by side at Nurburgring in Germany with the GTR with the same group of Nissan’s very BEST engineers!

  7. Completely agree Vince. 2 generic designs with detail changes. Not enough creativity (though the Maxima is the less offensive of the two).

  8. Lincoln is clearly better looking of the two. The nissan is awkwark looking with odd almost disproportionate lines. Both are pretty derivative however.

  9. They do look a lot alike. Unfortunately for Ford and Nissan, they both are a huge snooze. At least in Lincoln’s case, when they start attracting 60 year olds into their showrooms to buy the MKS, they’ll actually be able to say they’ve made huge strides in attracting younger buyers by making a cooler, more hip car than the Town Car it replaces. But c’mon… seriously Nissan… who would’ve ever thought we’d see the day when any argument at all could be made that your Maxima and a Lincoln (a Town Car successor at that) could be confused for each other. Is it that Lincoln had made massive strides in its design, or that Nissan has seriosuly dropped the ball on theirs? A little of both, probably, but much moreso the latter. What’s next – an Altima that is the spitting image of a Buick Lacrosse? Get it together, Nissan… and hurry.

  10. The MKS is not in the same class as the TL u meant RL the MKS is way bigger than both and it is way better than this little nissan.

  11. agree with ^Anon5:56^, the MKS looks much better
    there’s also a significant size difference, the MKS being about a foot longer, so even if there was any resemblance, one would never be mistaken for the other.
    I’d like to see maybe HALF of the Maxima’s stying tricks used on a more cohesive/restrained design… …I think.

  12. Vince of all people! You know good and well that this car has been designed over 3 years ago as you posted it now. Even you know this picture is an old one. the current one has a different front end although not much, than the pictured car. If they look a like its because nissan built a car ford just showed us instead of building it.Come on vince you know better than that!anyway a nissan compared to a lincoln? no one takes drugs that good!

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