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There it is.
The trunk trick that makes the new Skoda special.
A neat trick, but I don’t really see the point of such a complicated system.
People who want a hatchback don’t mind the “hatch”.
And those who want a trunk won’t use that hatch feature.
Who is this for??? the few who can’t make up their minds?

To me, they should have spent the time and money into making the car looking a bit better. just a little bit less assy would have been nice…

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  1. I wish my 2000 Dodge Intrepid could do that….AND it looks better. It already has that visual setup, but it just does the normal sedan trunk thing.

  2. Its about time! Maybe now I will be able to get a largish sedan with a freaking hatch!

    Send these photos to Mazda Vince…See if they can do this to the Mazda6

  3. Being an assman myself, I can see something like this catching on in the US. According to sales in the US, hatches don’t do very well. Everyone wants either a 2mpg suv or a sedan. Since I’ll probably never be able to get a hatch here in the USA, this would be the next best thing for me if it were available. I wonder however how reliable and durable the design is though. I hope similar designs make it here to the USA, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  4. Heard about this a long time ago & think it’s a FANTASTIC idea!

    Especially if you happen to be where the weather isn’t always perfect 😉 😉

    …tho think it could be done more simply than the way VW did it.

  5. Reminds me of American station wagons in the 1970s. Some makes had the swing out tailgate that would also fold down. GM wagons had the disappearing door/window. Honda’s current Ridgeline has the dual-action tailgate.

    There’s nothing wrong with novel and unique features that can help with utility.

  6. Looks like another great poor man’s luxury car! If it costs below 10 grand, please please come over here to the US! i need to impress my first date!

  7. I actually thought this was brilliant when I saw it this week. This would be a good product for the U.S. It’s got a huge backseat, and it can do hauling duties when needed.

    The thing I cant understand is that most journalists privately loathe the SUVs that clog the countryside, yet any time a creative alternative comes up they publicly jump all over it.

    If it werent for the constant harping about the “stigma” of minivans, we wouldnt be stuck with the scourge of the roads known as the full-size SUVS. It takes a ginormous Suburban to equal the interior utility of a Honda Odyssey, and I know which one drives better.

    A car like this might soothe those fears that some folks apparently have. It’s so scary that you might want to spontaneously buy huge crap and not be able to stick it in your little family sedan.

    It’s also good for appearances. Since we are univerally adverse to hatchbacks in the U.S. (according to automotive journos) this solution is perfect. You can use your trunk and not fear reprisal from your stuck up neighbors, but secretly you’ve got the power to outdo the female power shoppers in their Excursions at Costco.

    Besides, I too am an ass man.

  8. I had a similar idea a few years ago when SAAB decided to stop selling its iconic hatchbacks to fickle US consumers and converted the 9-3 and 9-5 models to conventional sedans! It may be a complex setup that many find unnecessary, but there are those that would like the option, and SAAB should steal this idea ASAP!

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