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Just a few more pictures of the new big Skoda.
I’m sure it drives nice, being based on the Passat.
But really…..
This is the closest thing to me to a European geezer car.
It looks big and heavy. Slow and clumbzy.

I heard a rumor that VW’s upcoming US only “cheaper than Passat Camry fighter” might be based on this.
Let’s all pray it will have its own design. This looks old already….

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  1. too bad it looks terrible outside. the interior seems pretty nice and i’m sure it’s a very good car!

  2. i think if the lights in the trunk were photoshopped out and the plate shifted to the trunk, it would improve the looks from the rear

  3. The Suberb is a stretched Audi A6 platform. It’s a nice car. Better finish quality than the Passat… Just simplier…

  4. An elegant interior that looks not unlike a current Chevy Tahoe. I’m loathe to praise anything GM does, but they got that one right.

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