Suzuki Kizashi 3 Concept

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The 3rd and final(?) Kizashi concept. The 1st two showed us a wagon a crossover. This is supposed to show us what the upcoming larger Suzuki sedan will look like.
The concept is powered by a 300hp 3.6 Liter V6. That sounds like the one in the CTS.

Good luck.
The car does look nice. Especially compared to the boring offerings from Honda and Toyota. But the problem is nobody even knows about Suzuki.
When was the last time anyone here considered a Suzuki? Especially when in the market for a Camry type family car.

they need to spend major advertising money to let people know they even exist before they can compete.

Again, good luck….

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  1. I really like it – especially the front and back end. I read that this is more the size of a Jetta than of a Passat, whereas the car itself looks much bigger. And much more upscale. And hey: It´s a Suzuki. They did a good job!

  2. A real nice car. I hope they do build it. And if it’s the size of a Jetta with the DI 3.6….look out.

  3. So…..if this thing starts at $20,000…..this will be an invisible poison for quite a few other brands….the closest thingbto this is the IS….

  4. they have always been quirky, this is clearly mainstream with most of the style copied from someplace or another. it does make a good looking package however

  5. you are correct that suzuki is almost a dead brand here in the states … but what about overseas?

  6. This car looks HOT! And Suzuki is not a dead brand here; just ask the many loyal CC riders across the country. Suzuki just doesn’t know how to harness the brand and leverage it into other products/markets.

  7. Not bad at all. There’s not an original line on it, but it looks better than any of the cars from which this design is derived.

  8. Aside from it’s ridiculously bulbous nose, the Kizashi is a damn nice looking car. Way better than the new Maxima, which looks worse in person.

  9. At least they wont advertise that it has an I-6 with 155hp like they did with the ridiculous redesigned Leganza…OOPS, I mean Epica….errrm VERONA….there we go. My Mazda 929 from 1988 had it beat by 3 HP….I’m sure the torque was more too.

  10. Suzuki or the Sea Bass sales are growing every year here in the states. If you all recall GM kind or screwed them for years and only allowed them certain cars in the US market. Much like they did with Isuzu and we see how that ended for them. Now if only Suzuki will get rid of the terrible GM Daewoo rebadges they will have a better preforming portfolio and people would see that they are up to par with the other Japanese brands. At least a cut above Mitsubishi.


  11. This is a great looking car. If the production version looks as good, they won’t need to worry about getting the word out. Just start putting them on the streets, and people will seek them out. This would be a HUGE step up for Suzuki

  12. inlaws have a SX4…since Oct 2006…07 model. Issues? None. Miles….55K already(around 3K+ miles per vehicle).
    Only thing was the rear window washer needs a Suzuki blade(can’t be bought at local store). Can be order by you local mechanic, yourself, or at the dealership(40 miles away.. In-Law is crying about this…but he’s lazy..had 4 days off, nothing to do, could have driven to Indiana and got the thing).
    That’s it. Survived our ice storms, snow storm this past February(and early March)…in SW Ohio. No problems.

    Great little vehicle.

    I heard(in-law claims one of the guys at Suzuki told him this, months ago, during a 30K tune-up)… that these 3 models (Styles… CUV/Hatch/Sedan) Will Be Made….by late 09 and sold in 2010( the “hatch’/wagon, maybe not out until late 2010, for some odd reason)..
    I’d take the 5 door version. This thing is about 182 inches in length…not exactly a “big” car these days(isn’t the Altima 2 door about this size in length?).
    This replaces the dropped Verona.

    They showed the SX4 “concept” and built it…a few years ago.

    Just wish it were here sooner… and maybe offer , say, a large I-4, or smaller V6(for better MPG).
    AWD is supposedly std..FWD= better MPG..should make AWD optional, or flick of a switch, akin to the SX4 CUV. FWD or AWD, you choose…16K msrp.
    Instead, just drop a clean diesel in it… turboed.
    They need to quit taking “forever” in getting products out.
    This thing should be here Jan 09!

  13. did any one sawtoyota mark-x body and hood and trunk and main rear light & BMW 3 seires main front light in thisjust check that to see what i mean

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