The “Tan” Interior

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I like the 2 tone , just like in recent Mercedes or BMW models.
But, at least on these pictures, the “tan” part looks more like a darker orangy 1990’s beige color. Not very classy.

Let’s hope the real thing looks better.
The 2 tome “real tan” and black interior in the Passat CC looks stunning….

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  1. Vince did you know the all-new Maxima was tuned at the world renowned Nurburgring track in Germany???? Yes, where the GTR was tested along with it. By the same engineers who tuned the GTR ….are you getting it? I am right again, the GTR and Maxima are brothers, “Real” brothers! …and you said that the GtR and Max had nothing to do with each other……better listen to the King from now on!

  2. Once again Spyking you’ve shown that you truly have no idea what the heck your talking about. Produce one picture of the new Max outside of the US and all will be forgiven.

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