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Small electric car company Think just came out with this great looking concept.
Just like their production cars, this one is pure electric.
But it could be offered in a 2 door as well as a 4 door version that seats 5. The range is said to be just under 150 miles.
Which is plenty for most commuters in the US.
Plus it looks great. In a grown up Smart kind of way…

Ford used to own Think but I don’t think they do anymore. maybe someone here knows more about the company.

Let’s hope this sees production, and if it does, let’s hope it ends up here!

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  1. Th!nk was a brand produced by Pivco, Norway’s only car maker. The company purchased by Ford in 1999. At the time, the California emissions mandate meant that all of the OEM’s needed some Zero Emission Vehicles for sale in California in order to sell their other products in that market. Ford bought Th!nk and made the little Neighbor golf cart, and tested the City electric car through Hertz fleets. For their part, Chrysler also sold glorified golf carts under the “GEM” brand name. GM spent their money fighting the mandate in court, and ultimately won. As soon as they did, Ford and Chrysler were pretty much done with their electric car efforts over night.

    Norwegians are passionate about green transportation though, and Ford was able to sell the brand, along with most of the Th!nk City cars that they had leased in Europe and had taken back.

    Th!nk is again a Norwegian company. That being the case, maybe something meaningful will actually come of it.

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