Top car sales in China in February

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I think this is actually pretty interesting. Seeing how foreign car makers are still the most popular in China. Despite the now huge number of local models.
Keep in mind this is just for one month.
Kind of fun to see a Buick in second place….


1. VW Santana – 20,700
2. Buick Excelle -15,900
3. Toyota Camry – 12,200
4. Toyota Corolla – 12,000
5. Chery QQ – 11,600
6. Hyundai Elantra – 11,100
7. Tianjin Xia Li – 10,200
8. BYD F3 – 9,400
9. VW Passat – 9,200
10. Chevrolet Lova – 9,100

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  1. A Buick ahead of the Camry…Are they nuts!!!

    Actually the China Buicks are pretty good…GM should import them here. The Chinese are not real fond of the Japanese so I guess the Chinese buy the Camry for reliability.

  2. The one they are talking about is actually a chromed out version of a Daewoo.
    Sold here as the Suzuki Forenza.

    Nothing amazing….

  3. No surprise seeing the VW Santana at the top of the list. A lot of these must be Santana 3000’s being sold to taxi companies. One of my friends recently bought a new Santana 3000 … it’s an outdated design, but I’m sure the car will stand up to a lot of hard use. I would have expected to see the Chery QQ a little higher on the list. People buy the QQ simply because it’s dirt cheap … however, as my friend tells me it’s a choice: “you either like living or you buy a little car.”

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