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We might actually get this in the US. Toyota is monitoring sales of the Smart.
And with sales of Scion getting worse every month, it looks like they do need something else to appeal to people who want something small and different.
The interior seems to fit perfectly with the triangular exterior.

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  1. This thing looks way better than the Smart. I bet it will probably be faster than the Smart, and it won’t cost an arm and a leg like the Smart.

  2. i didn’t think i’d like this as much as i do, and the interior looks great. also looks a bit more practical than the smart car, which we see a lot of in Toronto and in Vancouver….

  3. hey vince whatever happened to that 3 door toyota that was all camoed, (tacky cardboard) and you posted that it was in hollywood, some speculated a 3 door corolla ? do you know what happened ? Scion needs helps there sales are in the tank…

  4. “Cost an arm and a leg like the Smart” Come on! 13-15k for a Smart. That’s more like a hand and a foot.

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