Unmistakeably German Citroen

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A really cool commercial for the latest French sedan, trying hard to show how it should be considered against the German competition.
At least as far as design is concern, I don’t think Citroen should be worried. It looks so much better than any of the German competition.
Anyone here knows how this car drives???

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  1. typical stupid stereotypes about germany!

    and the citroen is still a crappy car… design wise it’s so so… the only awesome thing about large citroen is the air suspension… found only in the biggest BMW’s and MB’s… as an option, not standard as in the big citroens… but engine and finish is still years behind the german counterparts…

  2. I have to agree that it looks much better than any of the German competitors – as a German. 😉 So many clichés – wonderful ad!

  3. Ha Ha… cool commercial. Citroen makes a good car, It’s sad that we will never see them in the states.

  4. Nice looking car except for the clunky front end.

    Too bad about those 3 greasy bratwurst things–French food is definitely better than that crap.

  5. Citroens typically drive in a very smooth and comfortable way – luxurious without being mushy. The good handling is left to sister company Peugeot. Together they’re both excellent with suspensions, and each one takes an opposite emphasis.

    Quality and ergonomics have been their weak points, but initial reviews of this car are generally positive.

  6. If I was German, I would be a little offended by France’s (the most sensitive country in Europe about its own nationalism)attempt at humor at the expense of German stereotypes. Oh, the amount of cleavage that waitress was showing would never pass in a real German restuarant. There would be another 3 inches of lace going almost up to her neck.

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