Whose car is this????

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Let’s see who can guess this.
This was taken in the Hollywood Hills by a friend of mine.

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  1. Just a small clue. We’re not looking for the name of the car owner. But what he does . And why is he there….

  2. who can be driving this lovely BMW…your Phil and he has to report to the army judging by those spikes?

  3. I think its your car and your up the street sneaking around having a trist with a Hollywood house wife. The dent was courtesy of Brittney Speers.
    Bad Boy!

  4. Not sure, but it looks like the result of an angry girlfriend applying her foot to the side of someone’s car.

  5. from the dents i would guess lindsay lohan but with your clue i’ll go with the pizza delivery guy?

  6. Sorry Vince but we here in Texas aren’t current on who the latest druglords are in Hollywood and why they sell their wares where they do.

  7. Vince, before you said “he” I would have guessed Paris Hilton due to her driving record. The BMW looks like it was mildly T-boned, but that could happen to anybody. Can you give another clue, please…

  8. I’m guessing paparazzi and he’s outside of Britney’s gated community.

    Either that or Repo Man, Summons Server or Bounty Hunter.

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