2009 BMW 7 series

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Elegant? Sure
Better looking than the current one? Not hard to do
Disappointing? You bet.
Especially for those of us who were hoping to see some of that CS Concept magic in the next 7 series.
It will be a classy looking car, not as clumsy as the current one. But nothing like the really good looking concept from last year.

Although I hear the CS might actually turn out to be produced (or something really close to it) as a top of the line sedan/coupe above the 7 series.
So again, $80 000 won’t get you the best looking BMW…

Here is the CS concept.

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  1. these gernmans cant make a decent true lucxury car if rthey ewant to if you want pure confort and luxurey you get a lincoln or a cadillac not this it looks cheap too the sic xties flower crap on it wont help

  2. You are right. The camouflage makes it looks worse than it actually is. But still, it is pretty far from the CS…

  3. Wait. Look at these photos taken from a recent photo shoot for the 2009 7-series(look here: .In the uncovered side profile, you can clearly see that the side profile is way more sculpted than this test car would lead you to believe. I’m guessing its camouflage to make it seem more like the current model, so that it can test without drawing too much attention to itself.

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