2009 Nissan Maxima

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Just another picture.
Showing the double sunroof option similar to the new Murano.
And I also noticed the way the A pillar flows into the hood. A pretty dramatic design that would look great in real life.

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  1. Good looking car in pictures. I look forward to seeing it in the streets. Much better design than the current model with the odd profile.

  2. they need to get rid of that little section of light at the bottom of the headlight and place it on top of the head light to create a more infiniti/bmw 5-serie look.

  3. In general not a bad looking sedan. You even get use to the odd headlights but it is way too expensive for a front drive sedan. Especially considering its overall proportions are in the same league as the Camry, Accord, Altima.

  4. The front end is growing on me. This is a real nice design. I’m still curious about it’s price compared to a G35 though.

  5. For some reason, from this angle, it reminds me a lot of the Volvo S-80. I think it’s the vertical faced grille and the general lines of the car.

  6. Thank you Vince for seeing the light, you had to know I would be all over that. Anyway, It’s a gorgeous piece of kit and has alot of bling factor. It is really reminiscent of the all new Jag xf

  7. One thing you can’t see from the pictures is the curvature of the rear door. It’s has a ton of shape to it.

  8. shape, shape the Jam, shape it up! this beast is sexy and powerful and will be considered to be the “Best Handling FWD car in the World”. To that dweeb that feebly tried to show, in a previous post, that it is like an accord or Camry, Grow up! This monster has nothing in common with those weak common cars. It is in a class by itself, you will all see this in June, or before, when those Idiot jounalists get their hands on it.

  9. is the malibu still built? how about the malibu Maxx, or the Cadillac Cimarron, or the Aztek, or the Fiero, or every other piece of garbege GM has decided to kill off or rename. What a messed up company. GM is truely laughable, the joke of the automotive industry.

  10. Vince, it does indeed look GREAT in person. As someone who has seen this car in person, I can tell you that no picture taken can do justice to it! In person, the lines flow together very well and the car has a wide aggressive stance to it. Even the headlights which so many think are so odd looking in the pictures look good “in the metal”. Wait till you see one, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you do.

  11. Seen it in NY. The front is just terrible. Everything else is quite nice. Very current, but nothing special.

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