2009 US Mazda6

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And it looks pretty stunning.
This is really much better looking than any of the Japanese competition.

Engines are the expected 2.5 Liter and 3.7 Liter V6.
The design is a bit different from the Euro model. It now looks like a cross between a hatch and a sedan. Even though it keeps a regular sedan trunk.

More pictures soon.

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  1. The front ends are very similar except around the foglights (not digging the chrome on the US version), but the back end of the US version is much nicer. Our 6 is supposed to be a little bigger, though it’s hard to tell. Overall the new Mazda 6 looks great, and as you mentioned, much better looking than any of the Japanese competition.

  2. Once again…botched job. U.S. Spec cars always look inferior to its Japanese Spec counterpart. This looks cheesy to me….give me the Euro version.

  3. The car looks really good. The back looks great. I wish they did’nt move the fog lights all the way out to the sides though because it makes the front look weird. I was suprised to read that Mazda was’nt putting the 6 spd auto with the 4 cyl because Ford is using the 4cyl/6spd auto in the next Fusion. It really sucks that there will be NO hatchback or at least a wagon. Also no mention of all wheel drive. Also, can someone explain to me how a company can put so much time and effort to make the back of the car look freakin awesome, especially the tailpipes, but still end up with the super cheesy black c pillar window fillers? Otherwise it’s a very nice car. I’m sure it will perform well.

  4. If I wanted an Nissan, I’d have bought one.

    Last-gen Maxima front air dam, Altima profile, and some lame fake, fourth side window does not make a desirable sedan.

    Give us the Euro version or I’ll look elsewhere. It takes more than front fender flares and some cheesy tailpipes to make a sale.

  5. I will go so far as to say it is the best looking mid-sized sedan sold (or will be) in the U.S. I would have tweeked the front end grill but the rear looks perfect. Much better than the Accord.

  6. Would look so much better without that dumb, Sebring-inspired “C” pillar that’s painted black to resemble what should be a glass quarter window.

    This new Mazda looks good except for that cheap styling gimmick. What a shame!

  7. Come out with coupe that has almost the exact same back end of this sedan and you will have a sharp GT Touring Coupe to compete with Honda and Nissan coupes. I really like the back end of this car and think it would look really nice in coupe form.

  8. Okay, I was wrong. This doesn’t look awful from the rear. But the front is very asian generic and Mazda should ditch the chintzy black filler plastic on the C-pillar.

  9. I don’t see the huge differences from the ROTW Mz6 that some do…
    …but agree the little C-pillar fwindow (faux window) is silly and disappointing… …mainly because we don’t get the 5-door that’s the whole point the sedan is trying to mimic

  10. This looks MUCH better that I thought it would be. The Accord makes this looks all the better! I do agree with everyone else on the faux window. either make it glass or take it away. Either way, it reminds me of the 1998-2004 Dodge Intrepid blindspots.

  11. “the 2002 Toyota Solara called. They want there front end design back.”

    Especially since Mazda has made it so much better looking.

    If the interior is like the Euro version, it would make this new Mazda 6 even better. That interior is about the nicest around, much better than the Accord’s cobbled-together jigsaw puzzle look and ridiculous profusion of tiny buttons.

  12. I just saw pictures of the new Mazdaspeed 6. It looks good but the picture is of a hatchback like the older Mazdaspeed 6 concept. But of course we’ll get the regular sedan I’m sure.

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