2010 Lexus RX?

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Of course, this is just an illustration, but it does match the spy shots from last year.
Let’s hope at least the front end doesn’t look so “melted”.

So far this looks very uninspired and busy.

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  1. The Audi-esque grille has been done to death already. Can’t car designers come up with something better?

  2. I’m not so sure i would call that an audi grill, personally i think it looks more like VW’s latest grills like on the Tiguan.

  3. i agree with anonymous above. like the Bangle flame-surfacing, it’s been done to death. the current RX doesn’t have a lot of good tension in its shape or stance, this doesn’t look much better. kinda ‘tippy’ and high waisted

  4. Yawn. Just a rehash of the current RX. Why bother? Still, a better effort than what we’d see from Honda.

  5. Wow, this is an old photoshop that has been bouncing around the net for around for almost a year.

  6. Will the kids in the second seat be able to see above the window sill? I can see little eyes peeping out of the windows looking every bit like rodents caught in a trap, sad I tell you, sad. What was toyota thinking, the front looks as though it’s crossing through flood waters and its about to be engulfed by the waves, too, too, tooooooooo many lines.

  7. I’ve been quite surprised by the MPG numbers in most Toy/Lex vehicles. Take a look at the new Highlander, its a decent remodel thats selling pretty good with 18/24 mpg…damn I thought this was 2008. Oh you like the hybrid for 40k, well that gets you to 27/25 in real world that means 25/23, wtf?

  8. No, this isn’t it. The new Lexus RX will look similar to the new concept floating around: …with slightly bigger headlights, smaller foglights and a bit more glass. I, for one, hate it. I think the BMW X5/X6 are the best-looking luxury SUVs out there right now; it used to be the Infiniti FX series until those designers ruined it with the cartoonish new ones. But the green fashionistas will snap the new Lexus RX up because it will be wearing a hybrid badge. I wonder if gas will be $6.00 a gallon when it finally comes out? All these hybrids and “flex fuel” cars, I hate to say it, will be too late when it gets to the point where the majority of the population won’t be able to afford to drive to work every day and pay their mortgage/taxes. We’re already seeing almost $5.00 a gallon for regular in California. The higher the gas prices go, the more we’ll see the emergence of a “transportation class”…with most everyone else relying on credit cards until they bust. Too little, too late…

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