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peter Nunn from Auto observer seems to have gather some new info about the all new 2010 Prius.

Are are some highlights:

-We’ll see it first at the Detroit show next January.
-New 1.8 Liter replaces the 1.5 Liter gas engine. it will make 110hp instead of the current 75hp.
-Total power to jump from 110hp to 160hp
-Even better fuel economy
-Bigger and “more solid looking”
-Four inches longer and one inch wider
-Extended driving range of the electric only mode.
-About 13% more fuel efficient
-Sales of plug in versions to fleet buyers only by 2010. But not available at launch.(GM can now rest easy…)
-A second body style will come after launch.
-More models using the Prius name
-A larger model using a 2.0 Liter engine, or even a 3.0 Liter sold in the US as a Lexus could come out for 2010.
-Production for the new model to reach 450 000 units a year.

By the way, the picture above shows the Concept X. Which was supposed to show the design direction of the next Prius.
We’ll see how the real thing end up looking like…

What do you think????

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  1. These cars are too heavy and not aerodynamic enough.
    Plus people want their friends to know they bought a hybrid. The Prius screams “I am green”…

    The Prius is as much about image as being green.

  2. In a Motor Trend article a few months ago they detailed Toyota’s plans to use the Prius name for a whole new subdivision similar to Scion. This brand would offer hybrid or plug-in models. By offering consumers a new division Toyota would fullfill one of the major requirements people have when buying a hybrid, they want everyone to know they are driving something special. The truth is many people who buy these cars are just as interested in making a statement as they are about saving the environment.

  3. I hope that the new Prius uses a Diesel engine instead of a gasoline engine. It’s such an obvious choice to improve fuel economy further. I think a hybrid vehicle with a Diesel is the best possible configuration nowadays from an ecological standpoint

  4. Scion, Prius, Toyota, Lexus.

    I can see it.

    I don’t know what this concept design is trying to convey, because the general idea still feels like the current Prius.

    Sedan, Coupe, Wagon.

    Introducing the Prius S, Prius C, and Prius W…..I can see this happening.

  5. Only 13% more efficient?! That’s barely into the 50mpg range, seems like a marginal improvement.

  6. They forgot to mention that the next Prius will also be a whole lot uglier. Sorry, but there are better looking ways to get good gas mileage than with this eyesore.

  7. If the driving dynamics of these cars improve to average, they are worth every penny. Also, buying a hybrid is no longer a statement. Probably it was 3-4 years ago. Now the market is flooded with them. And for those of you that think the $4 gas is temporary, think again. Some smart investors think that this secular cycle may last another 10 years. $8 gas anyone?

  8. No diesel planned.
    New Panasonic batteries not ready foe launch yet. But might be a year later when the Lexus version comes out.

  9. Whatever it looks like, they really should consider a regular looking sedan, because that is one of the main reasons I wouldn’t buy a prius. Chevy seems to be trying to at least make the Volt look somewhat like a car. I know someone will say that a hybrid shouldn’t be about the looks, but about the eco-friendly stuff, I just feel that Toyota would sell a lot more cars if one of their regular cars had the prius engine in it. The prius looks a lot heavier than the corolla/matrix anyways.

  10. I don’t understand the hype about diesel hybrid…
    at least not in the US. Yes, they are more efficient; however if you consider the fact that Diesel cost substantially more than 91-92 Octane, the cost per mile for fuel is probably about the same…just less stations to fill up with Diesel.
    Or maybe just in California…

  11. Regular Sedan hybrid? It exists: Camry Hybrid, certainly regular and they don’t want to compete it with Prius looking like a mini one:-).

    Information sounds rights. Strategy for Toyota is not to maximize fuel economy as much as possible but to balance it with increased power and size because that’s what most consumers apparently want. Recent Highlander Hybrid followed exact same path.

    Competition will increase a lot though next couple of years. There will be more choices (although it seems to take forever).

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