Audi Q5

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Official pictures this time.
It does look a bit better than some of the illustrations we saw before. The fenders have a bit more shape.
But still, this will be one of the most invisible car on the road.

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  1. I will probably never buy an AUDI again (reliability issues), but, I have to say that they have probably the best designed cars in the market. I wish ACURA or INFINITI would produce them instead. I like it. It is eye candy.

  2. This is really nice. The Q7 is far too large for what most people need, so this slots in really well. I’ve owned three VW/Audi vehicles and I wouldn’t hesitate buying another one. However, the time might not be great for launching another SUV into the marketplace. Diesel maybe?

  3. Compared with the X3 and the GLK, I have to pick the A5 though amongst the three on design alone. However, if I were to buy a compact luxury SUV, I’d actually choose the Land Rover LR2.

  4. Actually, this looks better than the Mercedes GLK or BMW X3 IMO.

    I still prefer the look of the new Volvo XC60 the most.

  5. audi has recreated the same problem it had when it introduced the a3. people who want a german car realize that vws have good quality already, so why would they want to spend a five figure increase on an audi? but to me, no one does an interior better than audi

    and no other manufacturer has the same cool led headlights

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