Beijing Auto Works B40 Sport Jeep

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Not sure what this is all about, but they seem to actually be using the name Jeep.
I don’t know if this is even related to the Jeep brand, or if it is one of these Chinese copies.
Where they don’t really care what they do.

But hey, I think it looks nice. At least as good as the real thing. And I like the “almost Hummer” front end. On a Jeep.
It’s kind of funny.

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  1. these guys dont have anyrespect for anything in the world but themselves they should be put in jail

  2. I agree with the slime bag above. I smell a big law suit
    and I would go after those bastards. Enough of the copy-cat bullshit. The Chinese want to become a lead in the auto industry but they are destroying their image. Anyway, I would never buy a Chinese car.

  3. Chrysler’s German owners might sue a Chinese company, but the U.S. would never. China owns our ass, and too many corporations like it that way.

  4. I agree with the other anonymous- looks better than the real Wrangler.

    Speaking of which, are we sure this isn’t a licensed build?

  5. Wow…it’s a real Jeep Wrangler clone/Badge Engineered vehicle.

    About as significant and original of a brand as GMC!

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