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What is this?
I am not sure myself.
A friend of mine sent me this. This was in California last week, that’s all I can say.
It looks like a lot of things. But nothing I have seen.


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  1. some chinese crap no dout i am amazed how these guys were alowed in california in the firs t place

  2. To me this looks way to blocky for the next RX.
    I’ll go with some Japanese market only Toyota, or something…

  3. The front isn’t the same as the Lexus. At least the grille is much bigger on this one.
    Lights too.
    I don’t think it’s the Lexus.

  4. hmmm, i work at lexus in canada, i think their suppose to be coming out with a hybrid version of the LX sometime soon. everything except that grill is the LX570, even the rims

  5. i reckon this is the new GX
    the GX (sold as the toyota prado here in Australia) is getting long in the tooth and is due for a replacement

  6. I’ve seen the next-gen RX already and this isn’t it. And it isn’t the LX as people have said. I’m thinking its a new GX (but you would have seen spy photos of the Prado testing by now if this was a production unit) or the new small JX but it doesn’t look that small. Probably the next-gen GX “concept” that’ll be near-production ready. It is definitely is L-finessed up. That grille is beyond hideous though.

  7. The lights remind me of the new Toyota CUV to compete w/ the Murano / Edge…I can’t remember the name of it though

  8. douchebag jones said…
    some chinese crap no dout i am amazed how these guys were alowed in california in the firs t place

    April 2, 2008 6:55 PM
    u are such a bad mouth jack ass! always bashing around people for fun but not really knowing anything about cars. I wonder why the hell people like you are allowed to live in this world! u should asamed of being American!

  9. It’s an LX with a bigger grille.

    Since this model is BRAND NEW I don’t think this is a refresh of any kind….maybe they’ve decided to make an LX 570h? I haven’t heard anything about such a project, but you never know.

  10. Yes, I am defending douchebag jones after reading anonymous 6:55pm.

    I cannot remember when db jones ever stated that he was American. You might be able to assume that from all of his anti-anything but American Cars approach to vehicle criticim. He could also be some Eurasian who is simply trolling to piss people off. Oh, and he should not be ashamed of being American. His hate bating worked on you, and people call him ignorant. I am ashamed that you assume his is American.

  11. Its is the LEXUS version of the TOYOTA VENZA(the wagon), not sure what they would call it but JS350 or something along those lines sounds about right for a name.

  12. It is nearly identical in size to the current 4runner (judging by the size of the people and objects around it)and also has the same fog light treatment as other Toyota’s comming off the line now. The currant Highlander lost some of it’s edgier lines when it was redesigned and I expect that the 4runner might do the same.As for the grill, it could be camo,but if you compare it to the Tundra it kind of shares the face of the new Toyota trucks,in my opinion.

  13. borrego kiahttps://www.autoblog.com/2007/12/06/detroit-08-preview-kia-borrego-drops-in-for-some-egg-nog/

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