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A better one.
For the (larger than the US) Chinese market.
No wonder they love Buicks over there.

As you can see fro the front end, the Chinese large Buick is based on a Holden. Just like our Pontiac G8. But this time, they use the longer Statesman model.
Which is perfect for Buick. Which brings up this question; wouldn’t it also make a good large Buick for the US???
It is different enough from the G8. And that back seat looks great for a Buick.

Why not????

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  1. That back seat looks better than the high end European carmakers. Reminds me of seats on a private jet or seats in first class. Bring that over here for limos and government cars. – G

  2. On the picture of the steering wheel-is that the door cut line running along next to the left air vent? Extremely impressive if so…

  3. not positive it’s true but I read some time ago that GM didn’t bring it here cuz the U.S. Buick dealers were offered the PkAve/Holden and turned it down…

    …reminds me of a movie 😉
    something and something-er

  4. It’s all about cost, weight, and, especially now, CAFE and fuel mileage. People have been asking non-stop about this car for Buick US since seeing it, and as much as they’d love to do it immediately, there’s still a lot to consider for importing in another Aussie vehicle to be a big player in a US brand.

    Awesome car, yes, but right now not exactly a market of huge demand either: huge sedans. Still on the table, but getting things like the new Lacrosse out are more important for the time being.

  5. Decision making people in American car companies are idiots! Havent we known this for some time now?

  6. This thing looks soo much better than the pontiac ! i know all of buicks target market would love to buy one of these and they would get alot of non buick people (conquer sales) in there showrooms, but hey that would’nt make sense now would it ???

  7. Please….this thing would outsell the G8…it doesn’t have to pretend to be something it’s not.

  8. This car is fantastic. Perfectly understated. The only issue I see with this is that the rear end looks awfully similar to the Impala. I think that Impala is a smart looking car, much better than the troll that it replaced. But the Impala is much more downscale, and to have a Buick and a Chevy with a similar back end is bad branding and not a good idea.

  9. it has such a nice side profile even compared to other large RWD cars. the short front overhang and pull back cabin really work well on this car, and they used a 5-spoke design for the alloy wheel which looks very sporty instead of those stupid looking multi-spoke on all those european large premium cars.

  10. The second picture is on the Holden Caprice. You’ll notice the Caprice has the silver feature vent on the front guard with integrated turn signal, which is relocated to the wing mirror for the PA.

    If these were to go to America why not take Chinese built ones? So long as the quality was up to standard

  11. I want those rims put on the G8.

    How much would this thing cost in the US and how much in sales would it steal from Cadillac? And then there’s gas mileage. I prefer this car over ANY Caddy though. I would be suprised to see this car here in the US though. Of course I did’nt think they would bring over the G8 wagon and pick up so I guess that shows what I know.

  12. Those rear seats look like ET. You remember…phone home? And they look uncomfortable, too, unless I want to be forced to look at my navel by a headrest.

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