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This was caught in China.
The new “land of Buicks”.

Looks like the upcoming Invicta concept, except it looks like a production car.
Could it already be the production version of the Invicta.
Or the new La Crosse? Are they the same car???


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  1. This could very well be the new Invicta, especially since it’s going to make it’s debut in China. Which would explain why the photo was taken in China. As for the new LaCrosse, I haven’t heard if the next one will keep the LaCrosse name or go with Invicta. All the spy shots I’ve seen are calling it Invicta.

  2. I heard they were keeping the name and coming out with the LaCrosse Wisconsin trim option featuring cowhide leather and a real cheesy interior.

  3. your a moron.
    The new car will be a great replacement for the dated W body LaCrosse.GM is improving with every new release.

  4. This looks like it’ll be a really nice looking car. Whatever they call it. I just hope Buick finally gets rid of those ancient 4 spd autos. It’s comical to me that you’ll have a nice car with a nice engine……….and a 4 spd auto. Would’nt it also be cheaper to produce one transmission rather than two?

  5. The car will stun many whose views of Buick are still stuck in the past. The interior is world class.

  6. Looks to be the Lacross replacement. The interior is amazing, maybe better than the new CTS. AWD to be an option. This car will impress!

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