Chevrolet Beat

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I guess this is going to make it into a production model.
Here it is, testing in China.
Does that mean it will also be built in China?
GM is already making engines for the Equinox over there, so I wonder if a small car is next…

Lat year’s concept.

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  1. as far as i know gm is stil an american company and thtas just rthe way it;;ll always be they do not make stuff in china and this little car for the kids will be pure american we wont have it any other way oiver here so stop dreaming about the commmunist taking over the free world

  2. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if this vehicle was assembled in China to be sold domestically and for export (ie, to Europe and North America). The build quality of many of the vehicles assembled at Shanghai GM is actually quite good. I’m not sure if your blog readers (ie, folks like Douchebag Jones) realize that China is actually GM’s second largest SALES market (by units sold). In 2007 GM sold 3.9 million vehicles in the United States. This same year they sold 1.0 million vehicles in China (next was Brazil at 0.5 million). China and other emerging market countries (ie, Brazil, Russia) are clearly where GM’s future growth opportunities reside. People can complain (b*tch, moan, etc) about GM building cars in places like China … increasingly, though, countries like this will account for more of the sales revenue (read: money) that will allow GM to remain a viable, global car company.

  3. This concept looked very cool and not particularly unfeasible. I’m glad they produce it, it would be a great entry-level car just below the Aveo but with a sporty edge. Kind of what the Citroën C2 aims for in Europe (though the C2 still has the C1 below it), but this looks way better

  4. GM recently announced that they are building a 2nd manufacturing plant in China. However those plants are used for building mini “commercial” vehicles.

    I’m betting that the Beat will be built in Korea by Daewoo. I’m just hoping it will be offered in the US. GM is going to need a competitor for the new Fiesta.

  5. Will you please go to school and learn to Spell doucheboy? preferably not an American school, coz you’ll learn nothing useful there.

    I wonder if this car is a Lifan, because there’s nothing they won’t copy.

  6. The small tires throw off the proportions. It now looks like a minivan. I hope they change that for the US.

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