Chinese JAC sedan coming up

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Another Chinese brand I haven’t heard of…
And another really decent looking sedan.

I mean really, imagine if the new Sebring had been designed like this. I bet Chrysler wouldn’t be in such trouble.

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  1. JAC trucks and vans are a fairly common sight in China. The company I worked with had a JAC Refine van, which was basically a copy of a Hyundai. I think, though, that cars are a new thing for JAC. This sedan looks quite nice … a touch like the Roewe 750 from the rear three quarter photo. The JAC logo could use some work: it looks like a mishmash of the Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz logos.

  2. Very much like the new big Hyundai Genesis coming out soon. Taillights (or lack of) look to be shaped like a VW’s. Nice looking car. The Chinese are rapidly improving in the design department.

  3. apparantly what happened here is they took this out for a test drive in the rain and the glue holding in the lights dissolved.

  4. Anonymous-9:04AM
    Designed like what, with missing head and tail lights?
    In the Seeeebring’s case…
    …guess it’s worth a try 😉

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