Chubby nerd’s friend drives the Cube

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A really interesting and cool video.
I sat in the Cube a couple of years ago at the L.A Auto show and though it was indeed pretty cool.
A much better and original design than the Scion.
The question is, how do you redesign a car like that. Because the one we’ll get will be the redesigned model.
But so far, the trend at Nissan has been to redesign cars without actually changing the look that much.
In the case of the Cube, that would be great….

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  1. Why not replace the Chubby Nerd and make you own youtubes? Any dealer will let you test drive the car. Just bring a friend with a camera and sto envying the nerd.
    Put that ugly gub on the tube!
    might ven get a sponsor and beome the Hollywood car star

  2. I saying “chubby nerd” politically correct? Shouldn’t it be “socially and calorically challanged “?

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