Dodge Challenger pricing?

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Nothing official yet, but Chrysler people are already mentioning $24 000 for the base SE 3.5 Liter V6 model.
That doesn’t sound too bad when you compare it with the $38 000 V8 model.
And 250 hp will be plenty for most people who just want a great looking car.

Still. The Mustang starts at under $20 000. And the Camaro won’t be that much more.
So Dodge is charging almost $5000 more for their car.

Is it worth it???

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  1. Simple answers to simple questions:

    Q: Dodge is charging almost $5000 more for their car. Is it worth it???

    A: Yes.

    This has been another episode of Simple answers to simple questions.

  2. The fact is this is a much better looking car than the Mustang. In addition, you are getting a better platform, engine, transmission, etc. than any car in its segment, until the Camaro goes on sale.

  3. No, not worth it because it has the most boring and cheap looking interior as compared to the Mustang and Camaro!

  4. The camaro has a much better chance of taking on the mustang than this dodge does (just like in the past when they tried to catch the mustang). All that has to happen is a cool redo of the current stang and these two posser will be left in the dust again.

  5. This is why Chrysler is going out of business. They are making crap like this and trying to sell it for way more than its worth. Look at their minivans. You can buy a brand new one for $30000 now or wait a few months and they will give you $10000 to buy one. This is especially true about their trucks. RAM incentives are about $10-15000 right now plus they only get 9-12 mpg. They need help bad at Chrysler. I mean look at the Caliber, Sebring, and the Compass. All are the ugliest cars in their class and get the worst gas mileage and resale value.

  6. $5,000 more than a Mustang? That is a bit much. Maybe $3,000 more would be reasonable. I just wish Chrysler would price their cars ‘right’ from the beginning so they didn’t have to [eventually] throw what they make into the automotive equivalant of a Walmart bargain bin. And when it comes to the idea that the Challenger’s interior is cheap [And yes – it IS a bit cheap] is it any ‘cheaper’ than the Mustang? If you think so – maybe you have never actually SAT in a Mustang. Craig!! :o)

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