E Class/CLK Class concept???

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the next Mercedes E class is supposed to be shown next October.
Apparently, there is a rumor about a concept car being shown before that.
A sort of CLK wagon, that would give us an idea of what the next CLK and E class Wagon could look like.
So the concept would be a 2 door wagon…
Sounds like a waste of time to me.

Just get the cars out already, they seem to have been testing for years.

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  1. the CLS created a cult-following amongst the automotive designers, and i’m very inclined to believe that a lot of ppl even the ones who worked for mercedes probably doubt the idea that an s-class priced and s-class sized car with less seating capacity and room will be a success.

    so maybe this is the next big thing? before you know it volkswagen will probably take 2 doors off the passat wagon and call it the passat cc-wagon

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