Ford Capri coming back???

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Some people seem to think so.
And Ford has come up with many 2 door concepts in the past few years.
This Auto Express illustration being based on one of them. (The Visos Concept)

With the Volvo C30 and Scirocco back on the stage, a Capri might not be a bad idea.

But don’t hold your breath, even if it happens, we’ll probably never see it in the US.
I’m sure Ford will find 100 reasons not to sell another good car over here….

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  1. I like the idea of a Capri to compete with the 1-series, GTI, S3 or C30. But this seems proportioned like a descendent of the 2nd generation Ford Probe. Not good. I’m not loving this rendering, but the idea is good. Ford should do it.

  2. I know Mercury almost killed the Capri name back in the early 90’s but this needs to be brought to the US. Do I even need to say brand it the Mercury or Lincoln Capri?

  3. I think that is a very nice looking car. Why can’t Ford save themselves and produce cars Americans want?

    I want to buy American but there is nothing that interests me. So sad for a once mighty auto company.

  4. This is the road Ford should take. They have already gone far in improving the reliability of their cars now comes the difficult part; making cars people are passionate about. If they price the Capri right along with offering fuel efficient and sporty engines this thing could be a success. It would also serve in attracting young buyers who are not fond of the Mustang and often go for Japanese nameplates.

  5. This car looks great. It would freakin’ ROCK with a direct injection 4 cylinder both with and without a turbo. Kinda like a modern version of the Nissan 240SX. But like others have said, we probably won’t see it here in the USA so it does’nt matter what we think.

  6. Yeah this is definitely hot, bring this, Mondeo, and Kuga and see the success Ford will have like Saturn is with its Opel product in the US.

  7. That’s a very handsome car with a heavy dose of Mazda styling cues. This would be the only Ford I’d consider.

  8. So this means a no go with the Fusion coupe?

    This will be fine as long as they don’t attach “ZX2” to it!

    Does anyone know about the mechanicals of this car?

  9. it look like a nice car wth great look, good performance, and probably a fair price.

    which mean ford won’t sell it here, most of the Norht American ford executives are under the belief that if they sell a nice car in america the universe will implode

  10. Maybe if Americans hadn’t been buying gas-hog SUVs and trucks for over a decade, Ford might have given us something practical instead of the washed up North American Focus.

    Who am I kidding? Ford just sucks.

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