Genesis Coupe obsession

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I guess for those of us who just can’t wait for the real thing, you could get this…
I am not sure what to say.

Thanks to a reader for this one.

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  1. Two comments;
    -interesting that this paper model does not have the rear side window “dip” shown in photos of the production car.
    -My first new car purchase in 1971(Yep, I’m THAT old!)was a new Pinto which I special-ordered from the factory. Along with the brochure was a cut-out model same as this. It stayed on my shelf for many years. My real Pinto was a fun car and outlasted all the Vegas my friends bought.

  2. Some things automotive should not be posted. It would have been worth the wasted watching time if at the end she set it on the cardboard paper and the car did some J turns, a few drifts, and then launched itself off the table in a cloud of smoke. That would have made this art project entertaining.

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