A great idea.

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Suzuki is making navigation standard in the 2009 SX4.

It is a 4.3 inch units and includes bluetooth.
All in a car that starts at under $16 000.

I always liked the SX4 and I hear from really happy owners.
I am not crazy about navigation systems. I would rarely need one. Especially as a $2000 option.
But as standard equipment it is great.

Let’s hope they advertise this. The SX4 deserves much more attention that it’s getting right now….

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  1. I am glad to see the little company make such a bold move. Already the Matrix/Vibe AWD models have optional navi as well as the soon to be realized 2009 Fit with optional navi and awd. but I really hope Suzuki
    stays strong and does well with sales.

  2. anyone who need a map on all the time is an idiot this will probal[ply wont even have us maps anyway

  3. WoW they are really in this fight now!

    Standard?! In their smallest model? Now the price of the car makes sense!

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