Great Wall and Chrysler

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The Chinese press is reporting that Chrysler could soon announce a deal with Chinese car maker Great Wall.
(But remember, this is the same Chinese press that reported earlier that Chinese cars would make it into the US market by 2008…)
Chrysler already has a deal to sell cars made by Chery in some markets, including the US.
I wonder why they would do another deal with yet another Chinese manufacturer.
Unless they just want to sell cheap cars all around the world, and not actually build any of them…

By the way, the car in the picture isn’t a Toyota. It is the Great Wall Florid. A copy of various other cars, mostly Toyotas.
That seems to be the Great Wall specialty. Copies….

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  1. have never heard of great wall but searched wikipedia and i like them a lot already. These are their models:


    * Great Wall Hover


    * Great Wall Safe
    * Great Wall Sing
    * Great Wall Pegasus


    * Great Wall Wingle
    * Great Wall Sailor
    * Great Wall Socool
    * Great Wall Deer

    So cool

  2. so does this mean soon we will be able to buy a dodge yaris ?? lol

    Toyota would be pissed if this was sold at dodge stealerships

  3. Chrysler was of the first maufacturers in China making the Jeep Bejing Cherokee back in the early 90s. Back then it was VW Santana (Jetta style VW) and some Audis for the Bigshot politicos.What took the Japanese 30yrs will take the Chinese half that to enter world markets. I’m sure there is Chinese parts in most cars by now.

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