Great Wall Chinese Pick up truck

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That’s pretty amazing. In a bad way.
As you can see,(or not) it can seat 6 or 8 people. Power comes from a 2.8 Liter diesel.

It can’t be too solid. And must be really scary in turns….

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  1. It’s a photoshop… you can tell by the double back seats. The seat images in the windows are identical.

  2. Considering all of the Humvee limos, Prius limos, Dodge charger limos, VW Beetle limos and Ferrari limos on the road today, it’s about time somebody thought of making truck limos! At last!

  3. Lol, is that the super ultra mega cab version? Funny, I thought that would happen first in the US.

  4. keep em comin’ , this will help china take over the world, it will happen in the blink of an eye. Thank you to Vince, you will go down in history as a great supporter of china

  5. Dunno about the “triple cab” pic shown, but the double cab version of this is on sale in South Africe – it’s called the GWM Steed Chinese vehicles are fairly new to SA, but so far GWM is the most successful. The local press wasn’t too negative about the steed either… it is very well priced – double cabs from established brands (like Toyota and Isuzu) easliy cost R80000-120000 more (1$ = about R8.00)

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