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I couldn’t’ believe my eyes.
This was last week end in Hollywood. It is from far the most expensive gas I have ever seen.

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  1. Why? It is California. It is amazing there is any gasoline for sale there considering the stupid thieving sh!t you all vote for. Get use to walking you environmentalretardists. Duuuhhh, surf’s up dude.

  2. I just paid $2.79 here in Virginia. Us Hillbillies could never afford $4.79 gas…Good thing you enlightened California types can afford it.

    And when is my buddy Douchebag Jones gonna pipe in here….

  3. $3.78 for regular here in Honolulu. Is this some sort of joke? Is this what we are headed for? They say Calif. leads the nation…. maybe…

  4. $4.59?! Holy sh*t! I feel for you folks out west. It was $3.19 today here in Nashville, TN. Why is it so cheap in Virginia? This pricing makes no sense, but as long as we have an oil man in the White House, we can expect even worse.

    On a different note, shouldn’t Kuwait be giving us oil for cheap since we funded the bulk of Gulf War 1.0? They owe the U.S. and the allies big time.

  5. We in Virginia kill people who want to tax gasoline…They are buried right next to the gubbmintscum who try to steal our moonshine.

  6. I guess those who did not make themselves useful to society by studying math and science are just going to have to walk. I feel sorry for people who make under $100K per year in CA…You must be near starvation by now.

  7. We is just going to steal from the rich soza we can buy gas. We voted in the thieving political terrorists up in Sacramento already to go. Arnie aint gonna veto it either.

  8. Those involved in distributing gasoline in Southern California must be making some very sweet money with prices like that. Yesterday I filled up here in Canada (Toronto area) and paid the equivalent of $4.40 USD per gallon. Usually gas prices in the US are well below those of Canada … evidently not today, however.

  9. Dick Chainey and the boys need to make more money before they leave office next January. Oh, by the way, that so called tax refund package we all should be getting starting this May… that was our money we paid extra this winter for oil, diesel and gasoline in the first place and they are just giving a portion of that back too!

  10. what yuo yanks yap about?? buy less consuming cars!!
    that 4.59 a gallon is still less then what we pay here in europe, we have to pay 5-5.50 a gallon!!

  11. I would like to mention that the price in my country (Spain) of an American gallon of gas works out to $6.74, and our gas prices are among the cheapest in Europe. That might give you all some perspective.

  12. I saw $3.79 last week near B.H.
    & heard on tv today that the tax “relief” would = 18 cents per gallon…

  13. Such high gas prices should warm the hearts of liberals everywhere. After all, it’s democrats who’ve advocated higher gas prices to force Americans out of evil SUVs so they can save the planet from algore’s global warming, I mean climate crisis boogyman.

  14. what yuo yanks yap about?? buy less consuming cars!!

    We’re yapping that our gas prices have tripled in the 7 years of Bush in office, and this also affects every single thing we buy. Gas prices trended downward during the entire Clinton administration. (See chart here) We tend to remember things like that.

    Also, my Civic gets 40 mpg hwy so gripe to someone else.

  15. don’t liberal this and liberal that. u wanna kno what it is? its bush shooting up all these oil holding countries. not to mention, he’s prolly got a big friggin smile on his face seeing as how he’s pocketing a ton of money due the gas prices. i’m not a liberal, but i do kno this, bush doesn’t care if middle class americans hurt.

  16. That’s about what I paid for a gallon of gas in the UK 6 years ago. And that was the Imperial gallon which is about 9 percent more than a US gallon.

    By the way, we should all just switch to metric to avoid all these stupid conversions.

  17. bush doesn’t care if middle class americans hurt.

    Actually, he does care that we hurt. If we weren’t hurting, he and his oil buddies would be making far less money.

    Still, I feel sorry for our drivers in Hollywood. $4.59/gal. is obscene.

  18. I recall back in April ’06 when Nancy Pelosi promised that if elected “democrats have a plan to lower gas prices.” Well, it’s been almost a year and a half, and what have democrats done to lower gas prices?


    I guess the “plan” Pelosi was talking about was their usual blowing smoke up people’s asses.

  19. Ok, exactly how would you decrease gas prices with china and india new consumption?

    Has anyone seen the amount of energy per capita Americans consume compared to others on this planet?

    Asia (excluding Middle East) 911.3
    Central America & Caribbean 1,254.6
    Europe 3,535.7
    Middle East & North Africa 1,528.3
    North America 8,113.1
    South America 1,124.4

    Get a grip people.

  20. I guess the “plan” Pelosi was talking about was their usual blowing smoke up people’s asses.

    Gas prices are still ridiculous. If you disagree with Pelosi, then why are you complaining?

  21. The Dumbobrats are going to lower gas prices…You would have to be really stupid to believe those scumbags. The Dumbobrats want you on your knees begging them for handouts.

  22. Your average station in the L.A. market is barely cracking $4 for premium. There’s another Prena station down in the South Bay that prices higher than any other station you could possibly go to around town. As if they purposely want no one to stop in.

    Trust, people, even in this city, it’s ugly, but it’s noways the norm to find prices that high here.

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