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Another Chinese sedan. obviously inspired by the Accord.
But I think it looks much better than the Accord.

I also think it actually look better than other Honda sedans including Acuras.
This is much nicer looking than the 2009 RL..

Not sure what the new TL will look like, but after the TSX and RL, I am not expecting much.

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  1. wow…ur really a honda/acura hatter right now…the new accord is better looking than that mick copy…i agree about the rl…the tsx is a nice car

  2. At least they know what size a real trunk lid should be. All the U.S. cars might as well just be like the Malibu Maxx and have a fake looking trunk.

  3. Am I the only person who sees a lot of last genration S-Class Sedan in the design?
    This looks too similar to be just a copy/coincident…
    Perhaps they share (or JAC bought rights/tools) underplannings?!?

  4. Anyone who even likes this car or any Chinese car is an idiot. You need to understand that designs are more than looks and copying others. God.

  5. The Chinese will bury the surviving remnants of the native US car industry. Only the stupid trucks are profitable, and now that market is turning as your crashing (overprinted) valueless dollar drives up the price of fuel. You soon won’t be able to afford your own products, and will buy Chinese out of economic necessity. That’s free trade for you.

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