Lancia Delta

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Caught in Paris during a photo shoot.

Few cars manage to look pretty futuristic and upscale at the same time.
This is great.

I wish we could see stuff like that over here.
The closest thing we have to an upscale small hatch is the boring looking Audi A3.
A nice car, but nothing like this…

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  1. It’s a real shame the interior is lifted more or less lock, stock and barrel from the considerably more workaday Fiat Bravo. I know the Delta shares the majority of it’s underpinnings with the Bravo (save it’s more expensive multi-link rear suspension), but the wonderfully expressive exterior styling really did deserve a more impressive, upmarket interior than the one they’ve chosen to give it.

    The Bravo’s interior can’t really cut it against the Golf, Astra and Focus, so unless this is made out of much, much nicer materials and screwed together to a higher standard, its got no chance of matching the premium opposition from Audi and BMW.

  2. gorgeous, gorgeous, they say that the next versa will look exactly like this. truely, it looks more like a nissan murano than anything.

  3. Next Versa? Nissan Versa? Really? This looks so much bigger than the Versa and more upmarket than the Sentra. I can’t imagine it replacing any Nissan product currently available in the US.

  4. the outside is really neat…very futuristic, yet elegant at the same time. i’m not digging the interior though

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