Mercedes GLK production model

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I thought the “concept” version at the Auto Show looked pretty bad already, but this is even a little bit worse.
especially the versions with the super cheap black plastic trim outside.
What were they thinking. This looks like it came out of the mid seventies.
I guess this is mercedes’s way to play the “retro card”.
Even the interior is as blocky as their old stuff.
At least the materials looks nice and high quality. At least on the pictures.

And you know this won’t be cheap. Just cheap looking….

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  1. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!? WTF….. this is worse than the pilot…… what idiot would pay for this… the dashboard is just…… what the hell? this actually makes me mad….I hop ethey go bankrupt due to this

  2. Actually I kinda like it…looks different and it just makes me think of their older cars like the 190E and 300E which were great cars I think. Cars don’t necessarily have to be all curvy and swoopy…I think it’s at least better than the last gen C Class where they tried to go all curvy and smooth….it looked horrible and extremely cheap too…

  3. The interior doesn’t look quite as poorly as it did before, thanks to the nice materials, but somehow, the exterior dimensions of the vehicle are very strange.

    It looks like a disproportionately tall station wagon. Even the BMW X3 looks better.

  4. For the amount this thing is going to cost I can think of several other vehicles I would rather be in than this.

  5. This is the platform to build my time machine!!! I want to travel back to the 70s and 80s and this vehicle would make me look inconspicuous! And this benz has plenty of room for me to bring in some ladies from disco clubs….

  6. Could those black bumper molds be optional parking sensors? Hopefully the US version will be painted. I’ll still wait to see it in person before commenting. C-Class changed my mind.

  7. The Mercedes GLK has gotten a bad wrap from the first leaked pictures to the concept. Truth is, if you really think about it. It’s a good move for Mercedes. In an emerging segment of small luxury crossovers this offers something so different from the rest. It offer Mercedes styling with a somewhat reminscent Jeep Cherokee boxy styling had it been just a tad bit smoother it would be a Mercedes ML Class twin. Remember the Jeep Cherokee was iconic and was a best selller. It also makes sense as well since Mercedes will be offering a fifth SUV slotted below it that will more than likely have a smoother styling since it will be based off of the B-Class (Europe only) platform.

    But this is will do well as the alternative to conventional luxury entry level SUV styling. Put it up against the BMW X3, upcoming Audi Q3, Acura RDX, Lexus RX, Infiniti EX (which really looks more like a G35 station wagon), upcoming Saab 9-4x, Land Rover LR2, Volvo XC60, even the upcoming Caddy BRX. I’m not a fan of Mercedes but the Mercedes GLK is in a league of its own. Yeah the styling maybe controversial, but controversial with a luxury marquee sells. Just think of the Bangle Bimmers.

    I have to actually give Mercedes props though, the interior is clean sleek and worthy of being called a Mercedes.

  8. I know I’m in the minority, but I really like the exterior (interior not so much). I’m always complaining that modern cars have windshields that are way too ‘fast’, angled sharply toward my noggin. one of the best ways to make an interior feel and be more spacious is to move the top of the windshield away from my face. I like the squatness and angularity, and it looks great in the bigger wheels. I even like the black trim. Sorry, Vince, normally we see eye to eye on these things 🙂

  9. Lots of people will buy this and it will be a hit because of the badge. It definitely looks different…or may be a…different SUBARU.

  10. land rover rip off. at least the orig g-wagon was boxy 4 a reason.
    alpine windows are where its @.
    can’t wait for rover’s next design cycle to play with the range’s new “ta-ta”s.

  11. At least MB got rid of their head designer…Douchebag Jones could come up with a better design.

    Why do auto companies employ Stylists? They are like life-hating children.

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