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  1. i think i hate this car. i don’t know why. audi intriors are boring, why does everyone rave about them.

  2. “You can get a 1 year old Tahoe for a lot less…Don’t know why anyone would by one of these.”

    Why in the world would you WANT a Tahoe, especially when gas prices are about to hit $4 a gallon….

    I honestly would rather have the GLK than the Q5. I think this vehicle is boring!


  3. you’re right, vince. blandness does grow on you! it seems like they had something really curvaceous and sculpted that they watered down.

    i like the interior. so many other carmakers get it wrong with odd lines and dual hoods over the gauges and nav that this is simple and elegant. it’s not innovative at all and way better than the newer design VW/Audi came up with for the VW cars (good design doesn’t have to equal price. I think the previous generation of VW car interiors are better than the ones now in the jetta, golf, passat).

    i don’t think this thing should be over 30K, though. it’s not nice enough for that. you can get dual-panel sunroof on the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX. And the Saturn Astra…

  4. “audi intriors are boring, why does everyone rave about them.”

    After you’ve owned a variety of different vehicles, you’ll understand why. You might not like the design. But the finish and the materials are the result of obsessive attention to detail. Everything from the lit vent dials to the thing that holds the jack in the trunk is just smart. Unlike many japanese and domestic cars, it’s clear that your money is well spent beyond just a logo.

  5. I love the interior of my Audi when it all works. I’ve had cup holders stop snapping back into place, the window lockout for rear passengers is forever in “lock” mode so all my passengers have to ask me to roll down their windows, my sunroof once refused to close (not good in rainy Portland), the auto dimming rear view mirror is eternally stuck in dim mode. I could go on and on. However, when everything was working it was a great interior. Nice soft touch fabrics, the leather seats have withstood lots of abuse very well, the steering wheel feels just right and the plastic (what little there is) doesn’t feel cheap. I can only imagine in the ten years since my car was built Audi has hopefully improved their reliability. I sat in a new 2008 A4 recently and the interior is easily better than my ’98 A6 and better than anything I have rented in the past 10 years.

  6. Louis,

    Yeah, the cupholder in my three year old Audi broke last year. It’s an unnecessarily complexed mechanism. Neither the Germans or the Swedish can seem to design a decent one. I think the design of the new ones are only slightly less convoluted. As for everything else, all works fine. Knock on wood.

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