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  1. Simply beautiful. If GM gets the mechanics right and doesn’t tinker with the design when transforming this in to a Saturn this will be a huge hit in North America.

  2. They build that car here as it is, and throw a hybrid powertrain into it and I will buy it. GM, don’t screw this up. I drive a Mazda6 which was paid off two years ago and I would gladly buy this car.

  3. Its everything the Sebring should have been. I would choose this over any Accord, Altima, or Camry. I’ve never owned an American car but this changes everything.

  4. I’ve never owned an American car but this changes everything.

    American only by parent company ownership.

  5. Lets clear something up. GM doesn’t just own Opel. They manage it. Design standards and processes have now been made common across all of GM from NA to Europe to China to Korea to Australia to Brasil. GM is not an american company, its a global company based in the US. This new platform is such that it will be able to build either the Saturn or the Opel in either a NA or European plant. Its truly one company. Opel = GM.

  6. The Epsilon II platform is strong enough for many different vehicles…Like the VW Golf/Rabbit but even stronger.

  7. Beautiful….. the top side profile makes it seem kinda small though….. way shorter than a malibu or camry… not that thats a bad thing…. just a curious observation

  8. This is a nice looking car. I read a recent article in MotorTrend about how GM is doing product design. Apparently they have 8 or 9 (can’t remember) design centers world wide and 3 different designs creating competing designs for a given car segment. They decide which design is best. They give much more weight to the actual design rather than cost/manufacturability factors than they did in the past.

    It is sort of edging toward the Steve Jobs version of design where he says he wants a cell phone that is “this big” and then forces the engineers to figure out how to make it work. If they can’t figure it out then cajole, threaten, and bribe them to get it done NO MATTER WHAT. If it still can’t be done, then it probably can’t be done. Harsh but effective.

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