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With larger wheels and better trim, it already looks much more upscale.
I thought this was to be some cheaper small sedan, but the info from China is quite the opposite.
They claim this is based off the Audi A4 and the interior is supposed to be “Phaeton like”.

We’ll see…..

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  1. When they said “A4 platform”, they’re referring to the previous generation Golf/Jetta component set, not the Audi A4. Yeah I know – it’s kinda confusing! In other words, this is based off the last gen Jetta (which incidentally is ALSO sold in China, along with the second gen Jetta that we had in the 1980s).

  2. These are better pictures than the earlier ones. The car does look nicer, but I don’t care for that s-curve cut line from the taillight to the wheel opening. That is the weakest design element on most any modern car.

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