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Is it growing on you yet?

I am getting used to the look of the interior, which seems much more modern than the current one.
But that front end….

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  1. its growing on me too, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. i hope the quality of the interior is an improvement.

  2. nope, not growing on me. still fugly. i’m pretty sure it will be forever offensive to my sensibilities. Gross, man.

  3. Is it growing on you yet?

    Yep. Like a cancerous tumor.

    This will still be driven by one person (likely a woman) to the shopping mall for some selfish consumerism.

    Sieg Heil.

  4. Why’s they pull a late 90s lexus on us? They went from projector headlights back to multi-reflecor….

    They went a step back with this just like they did with the Accord in taking away the LED brake lights…

  5. All that black and grey plastic harkens back to a few Chrysler and Dodge cars recently released. What is going on with Honda? Force Acura to play up to the luxury brand they are supposed to be, don’t make the Honda products more pedestrian to create the needed product gap!

  6. The interior is what’s not growing on me. Like the front end it’s bulbous and isn’t at all congruent with Honda’s latest designs. And, on top of the endless sea of buttons, the nav’s joy stick is at the very bottom of the stack. Doesn’t even seem ergonomic or convenient.

  7. It is better than the old one in every way except the interior material quality is a step backwards. I think Honda is trying to help Chrysler sales.

  8. i don’t like the front end. the same can be said of the new crv too. from a distance, the crv front end looks like it missing the lower jaw.

  9. Much like the new Maxima, you can print all the pictures you want of this pig and it won’t make the Pilot any less ugly.

  10. I totally agree with the post about the lower jaw ‘missing look ‘ on the current CR-V. The new grille on the Pilot would be an improvement on other Honda products like the CR-V. The problem with the new Pilot is the weird protruding squared off front bumper. It does not go with the rest of the front end at all.

  11. Honda’s are great cars that will last forever. The interiors are always top notch. I have a 2004 Accord and the interior looks upscale compared to all the other similiar 4dr sedans around. but Hondas exterior styling has really been heading downhill lately. The new 4dr accord looks bad and this thing has the Ridgeline front end and I know the Ridgeline’s sales have been slumping lately, why make one of you best sellers look like the worst SUV/Truck you make.

  12. I really like the new Pilot.

    Also for everyone bashing the CR-Vs front end it is purposeful. It is to help with pedestrian crash safety to pick the pedestrian up instead of them going UNDER the vehicle upon impact.

  13. The whole pedestrian crash safety thing started in Europe because Europeans don’t look when they cross the street…Of course if I had to live in that ugly/boring/depriving/land-o-small socialist dump, I would have a deathwish to.

  14. Yes, all Honda Vehicles now incorporate their A.C.E. safety features in their front end designs to help in accidents between other vehicles and pedestrians, but they all don’t look as poorly executed as the current CR-V because they have improved techniques as evident in the new Accord.

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