new Nissan Teana

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One for the geezers.
But that’s pretty much what the Teana has always been.
Again, based on the same platform as our Maxima, this won’t be making it over here, thank God…

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  1. What’s so wrong about it? Seems like a decent enough sedan. Or does it just get stuck with the nickname “geezer” car like chubby nerd is always going to be chubby nerd here on The Hollywood Extra site?

    Grow up.

  2. A car like this would probably make more sense than the new Maxima. Leave the sport sedan market to the Altima and let the Teana cater to the white-shoed, early-bird special set.

  3. Looks like it would be a good match-up for the Avalon.

    I really hope that the Maxima is indeed a 4DSC to stop everyone from saying it will be competing (at least sales wise) with the Avalon and the Lucerne. It needs to be a larger option to the TL.

  4. Not to pile on Vince, but when Infiniti sold the I30, it was the Maxima everywhere else. Like the guy said, this is the Maxima in Australia, kinda like the people buying a TSX don’t know it’s really a Euro Accord with an inflated price! So are we the only one’s getting the weird looking Maxima? I hope the new Q doesn’t end up looking like that!

  5. They should sell both in the US as the Maxima. One would be a giant sports car and the other would be an Avalon fighter.

    Maxima SE = What we are getting

    Maxima SL = the Teana

    Simple. But then again, the Avalon is fighting itself to survive.

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