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Pretty amazing how good the Passat interior can look like. Basically the only change is the door design. And the steering wheel.
The rest is mostly new trims and colors.
And it looks great.

I just wonder how much more than the Passat this will be…

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  1. looks like a cherman war helmut, who wants a high end vw anyway, no-one thats why phaeton died. This will go away soon too, no worries. yukky interior too by the way

  2. I think the interior looks pretty good, but although I get what they were trying to accomplish with the exterior design to me they failed horribly. The head- and taillamps look vague and obtuse and disconnected from the design of the vehicle, it doesn’t look like a coupe in any way (unlike the Benz), the front end has no flair and almost no style, and the whole thing somehow reminds me of an 8 year old Chrysler.

    I still say they should simply replace the Passat with this, but if it slots in circa $5k higher then it will at best be a niche vehicle.

  3. starting at 27k way too much for a vw, yuk that means a nice one would be 40 , in maxima territory, it will eat this disjointed dud up!

  4. Being a niche vehicle is probably the point. Aside from that it’s a stepping stone to the soon to be reborn Phaeton and maybe they also want to gauge market reaction to this kind of vehicle for future vehicles.

  5. What??? $27k people… Okay, most will be $33k with options. That’s what midsize cars cost today unless you buy a Camry or something Korean. $37k fully loaded. That’s the perfect pricepoint for entry-lux sedans today. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to buy this over a Maxima. This thing is stunning.

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