New Seat ibiza

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Don’t know much about this one yet.
It obviously replaces the current Ibiza. It is about 3 inches longer, the base engine is a 3 cylinder with 70hp.
And so far the top choice is the 1.6 Liter with 102hp.
We’re talking pretty small car here…

Here is the current version. Which I actually like a bit better.
The new one seems pretty busy. With so many lines that almost cross each other.
At least on these pictures, it looks pretty messy.

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  1. If you think the current version looks better…I seriously haven’t a clue what to make of your taste in cars Vince

  2. i think it looks much better than the old one( except for the boring back lights), and the inside is way nicer….the actual one is very sad, live in germany and see them everyday…but the good thing about the new ibiza is that it weighs less than the old, and thats the direction car manufacturers should take! they are continuing with the actual engines that where good and so the car should go pretty smoothly!

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