Next Astra?

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Just another illustration. This time from Auto Express.

I am not sure how close this one is, but if the car comes out half as good looking as that, it would really be amazing.
This would be from far the best looking Saturn ever.

We’ll see…

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  1. Vince!??
    Does this mean that next year Saturn is going to get this Astra?

    Since this current Astra was probably just a “band aid” fix for saturn to at least have a small car on the market for now? The current car is built in Belguim and shipped to the states, I don’t see how they’ll still make the old model alongside the new one. So maybe next year Saturn will get this 🙂 You sure don’t see saturn trying to move a lot of the astras right now.

  2. The pictures on that link have nothing to do at all with reality.
    They look great, but their just what that guy think future Saturns should look like.
    Nothing to do with spy shots of the actual cars.

  3. Of course Saturn wiill be getting this (in response to an anonymous). I think it looks really sharp from the back although i definitely agree it reminds me of the Mazda3 (this looks better though). I have an issue with the plain front but other than that its ok. It will be a fierce fight between this, the all-new Ford Focus (direct from Europe this time!!) and the next Mazda3

  4. yes, but what I was saying earlier (post #2 was me) is Saturn going to get this next year? If the Belguim plant is going to produce new ones, there’s no way they’d produce an old model side by side, right?!?

  5. They need to speed this to market…The current Saturn Astra looks like a retard child penned it…Right Douchebag Jones?

  6. Whoever made the mazda 3 comment doesn’t look at very many hatches, the car looks more like a SEAT Leon cupra if anything. it has very few bits that resemble the 3.

  7. I think the design being floated at’s revitalisation pages is far cooler. The Astra link is below, but if you go there and look at the possible next Malibu (and some others) you’ll be in love…

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