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Keep in mind the interior picture still shows a prototype.
So trims and color combos are not final. (Like the black glove box)

We should be getting this about a year after the European version.
The an all new Malibu will come out, based on this platform as well.

2010 should be a good year for GM…

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  1. The interior looks good. The plastic looks like good quality, and the overall layout is very clean and modern. The center stack buttons look slightly busy though.

    In comparison, Chrysler puts out the crappiest interiors. I really don’t understand Chrysler.

  2. Chrysler seems so far behind everyone else it is almost scary.
    I just wonder how they will be able to turn things around fast enough to stay in business…

  3. another great car the asians should be afraid of toyota and hondas days are numbered in the us if there is any justice in th eworld

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