Next BMW 7 series

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This still looks like an illustration. But it is really close to all the spy shots we’ve seen of this car for the past 5 decades.

And it still looks pretty sad compared to the CS Concept from last year…

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  1. nope. does nothing for me. comparing to the new s-class, this one does not looks hi-class. the side profile reminds of the the acura tl because the hi-belt crease (?)… and what the heck is that near the front wheel well? better not be the side blinker! ugly

  2. The front looks like they hit into something and it pushed the front bumper in. They did this on the 1 series too and it looks aweful there too. I hope they improved the I drive controls.

  3. A very frumpy derivative and uninspired design. BMW is turning into modern versions of 70s American luxo-barges. Maybe they’re just trying to appeal to the Chinese market these days.

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