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The current BLS is a Europe only model. GM was hoping to make the Cadillac brand more popular over there thanks what is basically a redesigned Saab 9-3.
From what I hear the next model is supposed to be RWD and will be sold in the US.
Cadillac think there is room for a sub $32 000 CTS over here.
I guess most CTS are actually sold for closer to $35 000 and above.
This small BLS would basically compete with the Acura TSX. And that would be pretty tough competition for the new uninspired small Acura.

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  1. An entry level Caddy would be a good idea. Actually, I’m very impressed with current Caddilacs and think they’re as good or better than a lot of the competition. I rented a CTS in California last month and was shocked at how much I loved it. The interior design and execution is flawless, the stitching on the dash and the panorama roof is very cool. The interior is definitely in the same class as my S4, but the stigma of owning a Cadillac is still going to cause them problems. An entry level one would allow younger, hipper buyers to become advocates for the brand. I don’t think that the staid and neglected TSX should be the benchmark. As the CTS has gotten larger, almost 5-series in size, I think that the benchmark for Caddy should be the C-class and the A4.

  2. Actually the BLS will compete against the BMW 3 series as it will be about the same size. The latest CTS is actually the size of the BMW 5 series and competes very well against it but at a much, much lower price. I expect the BLS to undercut the 3 series price and that the CTS will move up in price but still be below the 5 series. There was a recent article that compared the CTS and 5 series and the CTS did very well. The TSX is just an Accord and is only FWD. The RWD BLS will destroy it. They aren’t in the same leaque except maybe price.

  3. While a sub-CTS is a great idea, I believe the photo is an old one of what the current CTS was supposed to look like and Photoshopped into the next BLS.

  4. It think it’s a waste with too much overlap. But if they are considering offing the STS the CTS has room to grow….but what I don’t understand in the auto industry is the reasoning behind making each successive generation larger than the next and just shoving “new” smaller models under it. If the STS didn’t sell well, what makes them think that a CTS of the same size would?

  5. A Caddy in the low $30s makes sense and could make it easier to eliminate or limit Buicks and Pontiacs to just a few models.

    Who really needs more than Chevy, Saturn, and Cadillac cars from GM?
    Those cars plus a few specialty models (Enclave and G8 for example) are enough–especially if GM can sell its cars from dealers who stock everything from the company.

  6. Agree with Cube.. we are all going to driving buses soon. The Cadillac line is pretty good, my parents new DTS is still little ugly and very floaty to drive. The roadster is pretty unattractive as well. All in all they have done a great job. Hopefully they will concentrate on SMALL premium vehicles that get great millage, then I will consider one.

  7. The CTS-V looks like a winner too. Remmington razors is putting racing the Cadillac CTS back in racing. Cadillac may just start taking import buyers back from Euro brands at home too.

  8. As a current TSX owner, and a new-TSX disliker, I was really considering a CTS as my next car (which will be in 2-2.5 years). The only drawback was the size. I really wanted to stay with a compact car, rather than a mid-sized one (yes, the TSX is a compact car). The BLS would be great as it would cost about the same as a TSX and would be smaller than the current CTS, meaning I’d have nothing to complain about.

    So long as GM understands that this is not another Catera, we’ll be fine. Just keep the fit and finish up to the CTS’s level and they’ll have a car that’s hard to beat in the entry-level luxury department.

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